Whole Cloth LLC


Our Engineering Consulting Keys:


    Unmanned Vehicles - Uses and Procurement                Law Enforcement UAV’s

    Program Management Domestic                                     Program Management Overseas

    Emergency Preparedness                                               Capability Assessment

    Critical Infrastructure Key Resources (CIKR)                  Risk Assessment /4D Decision Support

    Exercise Planning/Evaluation                                          Gap Analysis / Capabilities Assessments

    Incident Management                                                      Intelligence Collection/Analysis Training

     Counterintelligence Training                                           Security including physical security


Capitalizing on the 6O+ years of combined program management, cost analysis and strategic business decision support provided to the US government, WC LLC is the strategic partner that will give you the edge needed to make decisions inside your competitor’s decision loop. 

Products such as our 4D Decision Support Analysis lead the industry in integrated cost, schedule, performance and risk solutions for small businesses as well as provide corporate best practices from Fortune 500 companies to companies throughout the world.

We offer UAS sales and acquisition/employment consulting.

WC LLC offers a unique blend of experience in the aerospace industry.  This experience provides us with a special insight to understand the capabilities of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).  Coupled with real world security and operational expertise we will find the right UAS fit for your organization. 

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